Natural Stone in Contemporary Style Bathrooms

If your taste in bathroom design is modern and sophisticated, incorporating natural stone materials into your plans can help achieve the look you want. The GD Tile and Stone artisans can use the beauty of natural stone combined with tile to create stylish, contemporary baths and showers. Our expert team will guide you through the design and installation process or work with your builder to give your bathroom a modern, functional and stunning new look.

There are many approaches to help achieve this concept. Simple lines and a subtle or monochromatic color scheme can visually enlarge and open the bath area. A high gloss finish with clean lines will give a seamless, contemporary look. Some may opt for a combination of geometric shapes such as a square basin with a sleek, wall-mount faucet, or bold colors and rectangular, angled tiles or shelf niche, paired with round shower head and controls. These are also characteristic of a modern, contemporary design and help create a sophisticated and up-to-date bath and shower area.

Whatever your taste and preferences, you can trust the professionals at GD Tile and Stone to provide superior, expert installation of all tile and natural stone in your bathroom to bring your concept to life and create a lasting impression of quality and beauty in your San Diego area home or office for years to come.

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